I saw this person at the park wearing a romper, and I thought who doesn’t love a light romper?

I saw this person in the restroom wearing black stiletto patent vinyl lace up boots, a black thong, a crop top, a large shiny silver cuff, a crew cut, and sunglasses, and I thought “fierce! I wish I could walk in boots like that”.

I saw this person at the grocery wearing jeans low below the waist and so loose they needed to be held up with one hand, and I reflected over creativity; post-modern art.

I saw this person at the bank wearing a Victorian Edwardian vintage lace overlay dress leading me to day dream of breezy summer days.

I saw this person at the post office with purple, green, and blue hair, shaved on the side and spiked on the top and I thought how well purple would cover my gray roots, and I made a note to stop at the store.

I saw this person waiting at the bus stop in a niqab and thought what pretty eyes, this person  walking by in a shayla and thought what a lovely blue. I saw this person in a burka and wondered if it was hot under there.

I saw this person wearing nothing at all, and I smiled to myself.





Hank on rye

She’s getting her Masters in poetry which seems ridiculous. How peculiar to manufacture enough nonsense (?) about poems; and now you are a Master of such.

I imagine her with her theories and criticisms- a lot of scrub over a pile of words. It’s like getting a degree in egg salad. How much do you need to know? You got your eggs, you got your mayonnaise.

To aggrandize Art. Microscope it; dissect and splay it back.

A lot of work.

Me? I like my egg salad with a little mustard, and a bag of chips.

Just like daddy.

I dated an un-cut guy once.

Intact; not circumcised. He had parents who didn’t put their newborn baby boy through a needless, revenue-driven procedure. His dick did look weird to me (I was young). He could fuck just fine.

Some cultures slice up little girl’s genitals too. Slice is such a dirty word for a nasty, cruel, dehumanizing, unnecessary act.

Why not leave these little humans (who didn’t ask to be born, by the way) the way they came into the world.  Intact.  If daddy has a cut dick, tell daddy to wake up and leave little Jimmy’s willy alone. Like father like son? Don’t we want better lives for our children.

Adults do fucked up things.


“Great art is horseshit”


We’re all going to die

all of us

What a circus!

That alone should make us

love each other but it doesn’t


We judge and attach value to everything from the smallest of purchases; insignificant objects, to accomplishments in art, music, career…

Preferences that hold no real value, no real meaning.
They are nothings in the biggest of big pictures.
We desperately want to prescribe importance; we desperately want a hierarchy
and a system, a reason to believe that we are not just accidental travelers
floating through space.
We hold our opinions high, our preferences higher and demean those who don’t.
Great art is horseshit.
The best bottle of wine your money can buy is the one you most enjoy drinking.
Great art cannot grow a tree.
My opinions cannot nurse a child.
Judgement and opinion have no authority,
yet they power over us.
Keeping us divided, and small.
And our Gods big.