“Great art is horseshit”


We’re all going to die

all of us

What a circus!

That alone should make us

love each other but it doesn’t


We judge and attach value to everything from the smallest of purchases; insignificant objects, to accomplishments in art, music, career…

Preferences that hold no real value, no real meaning.
They are nothings in the biggest of big pictures.
We desperately want to prescribe importance; we desperately want a hierarchy
and a system, a reason to believe that we are not just accidental travelers
floating through space.
We hold our opinions high, our preferences higher and demean those who don’t.
Great art is horseshit.
The best bottle of wine your money can buy is the one you most enjoy drinking.
Great art cannot grow a tree.
My opinions cannot nurse a child.
Judgement and opinion have no authority,
yet they power over us.
Keeping us divided, and small.
And our Gods big.