I saw this person at the park wearing a romper, and I thought who doesn’t love a light romper?

I saw this person in the restroom wearing black stiletto patent vinyl lace up boots, a black thong, a crop top, a large shiny silver cuff, a crew cut, and sunglasses, and I thought “fierce! I wish I could walk in boots like that”.

I saw this person at the grocery wearing jeans low below the waist and so loose they needed to be held up with one hand, and I reflected over creativity; post-modern art.

I saw this person at the bank wearing a Victorian Edwardian vintage lace overlay dress leading me to day dream of breezy summer days.

I saw this person at the post office with purple, green, and blue hair, shaved on the side and spiked on the top and I thought how well purple would cover my gray roots, and I made a note to stop at the store.

I saw this person waiting at the bus stop in a niqab and thought what pretty eyes, this person  walking by in a shayla and thought what a lovely blue. I saw this person in a burka and wondered if it was hot under there.

I saw this person wearing nothing at all, and I smiled to myself.





Hank on rye

She’s getting her Masters in poetry which seems ridiculous. How peculiar to manufacture enough nonsense (?) about poems; and now you are a Master of such.

I imagine her with her theories and criticisms- a lot of scrub over a pile of words. It’s like getting a degree in egg salad. How much do you need to know? You got your eggs, you got your mayonnaise.

To aggrandize Art. Microscope it; dissect and splay it back.

A lot of work.

Me? I like my egg salad with a little mustard, and a bag of chips.